Eximag alternatieve energie
Project developer in the renewable energy sector,
within Europe and overseas. As energy and ecology
can be complementary...

General procedure

  • Eximag International looks for suitable locations for a wind farm project and ensures that these are prepared for construction or Eximag International is approached by landowners.
  • In conjunction with international investors, Eximag assumes responsibility for the project development, contracting, construction and management of the wind farm (or parts thereof).
  • The investors will finance the project and become the owners of the wind farm.

Administrative project development

Within the framework of administrative project development, Eximag takes the following steps:

  • Negotiating the lease rights and easements with landowners, whether or not on the instruction or on behalf of the investors. As part of this process it is also investigated whether the properties are legally encumbered.
  • The different steps needed to obtain the necessary planning permissions.
  • Applying for and obtaining the necessary environmental permits, taking into account local laws and legislation. Depending on the country where the site is located, other permits may need to be obtained also.
  • If applicable, Eximag also applies for and obtains subsidies.
  • Finally, all measures are taken in order to enable a grid connection.

Technical project development

During the preliminary phase, a 'Project Screening Report' is prepared in order to verify whether the location meets the basic parameters for developing a wind farm:

  • Determining the characteristics of the location and the number of owners.
  • Checking the prevailing environmental and building regulations.
  • Listing and cataloguing access roads and potential impediments.
  • Determining the distance from the substation to the electrical grid where it is possible to connect.
  • Evaluating existing wind speeds or carrying out new wind measurements with a minimum of 3 anemometers, 1 wind vane and temperature and air pressure gauges.

Subsequently, a thorough study is carried out with regard to the development of the wind farm. The wind turbines are virtually planted on topographic maps and cadastral plans by means of WindPro®. In addition, the following data is processed via WindPro®:

  • the wind measurements from wind masts,
  • decibel or sound study on the basis of the prevailing norms and type of wind turbines,
  • calculation of the flickering of wind turbines in comparison with the prevailing norms,
  • the potential power output of the wind farm, the park efficiency etc.

In addition, the following steps are taken:

  • Electric project development, as part of which the possibilities in terms of mains connection, internal and external cabling etc. are checked. All this in conjunction with the local grid manager.
  • Drawing up implementation and safety plans.
  • Following up a detailed soil survey, carried out by specialist and recognised firms. The collection of seismographic data as a possible part thereof.
  • Follow-up of the project during the construction phase.

Ecological gain

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